Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mommy Days

Today was a beautiful day in Eugene which was great because my Mom came up to visit. I think it is the first time it didn't rain when she has visited, so I got to take her up on the butte and show her that I actually do live in a beautiful place. I felt so happy to be able to share such a gorgeous day with someone like my mom.
Since my mom was visiting today was not a 100% raw day, but since I consider myself as transitioning I am okay with it. It is much more important to me to have a good time and flow with the day than to make a fuss and cause stress. Stress can cause just as much of a health hazard and energy block as less nutrient available food. My mom has just finally gotten the whole vegan thing down (she's even started cooking more vegan foods at home for my family!) and I think that as we continue to get to know each other my "weird" eating habits will begin to feel more normal.
That's not to say that I didn't have some interesting reactions to cooked food. For one, I got all spacey and high just as if I had smoked pot (which I hadn't). It is such a learning experience for me to go back and eat something I would have considered quite healthy and normal a year and a half ago, and these experiences definitely reinforce my feelings about eating raw. So I'll feel a little funky tonight, probably tomorrow too, but I trust that my body can deal with the weirdness. It's so funny though, after eating a large cooked meal both Rob and I were left craving fruit!! I ate a nice sweet mango and felt better.

I also got to announce to my mom that Rob and I are getting married in August. So in honor of Rob, here is a quite magical Durian pie that Rob concocted the other night. The crust is by far the best raw pie crust I have ever had!! It is nut free and sits nice and light in my tum. We found the durian at an asian food market. It was a little spendy ($6) but well worth the treat.

2 cups soaked buckwheat
handful cocoa beans
pinch of sea salt

2 bananas
1 cup dry raisins, then soaked
1/2 inch vanilla bean
4 pods of durian
Strawberries for decoration

1. Blend until well mixed but still chunky. Press into pie pan.
2. Slice 1 banana and layer crust with banana slices
3. Blend durian, raisins, vanilla bean, and 1 banana. Pour over banana slices and crust and smooth with spoon.
4. Decorate the top with strawberries or other nice fruits.
5. Eat right away or refrigerate to help it firm up a bit.

This pie is awesome as breakfast, lunch, or a late night snack. I know, because I tried it for all three!

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